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Effective employee management can strengthen employee retention rates, keep employees productive, foster a positive work environment and ensure an exceptional working experience. Our module helps you practise effective management strategies that help your employees go above and beyond their roles.

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Attendance tracker

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the unscheduled absenteeism rate in 2019-2021 was almost 16%. Not only can absenteeism negatively affect individual productivity, but it can also heighten employers' liabilities in the form of the additional costs they need to incur to compensate for the loss of productivity and missed work hours. Absenteeism also increases the workload on the remaining workforce, manifesting as workplace dissatisfaction and increased turnover rates. Our attendance tracker is highly accurate in maintaining employees' time and attendance, pay and absence request, allowing you greater control over labour costs, thereby helping to drive productivity and profitability.

Checklist and forms

Our module helps to create an online checklist of forms using cloud software tools, thereby eliminating wasteful time gathering questionnaires, data collection and forms. The hassle associated with lost paperwork, manual data re-entry and damaged reports is eliminated.

Contractor scheduling

Our module helps business expansion by providing real-time communication and collaboration, helping you with budget and accounting, resource management, and document control.

1What is effective employee management?

Effective management of employees means the manager’s ability to motivate, communicate effectively, and win employees’ trust. A good manager should know the weaknesses and strengths of his employees and help them manage them. Finally, this will increase productivity and control workers’ costs.

2What is employee management software?

Employee management application refers to programs that manage employee information and records, including tracking attendance and recording work activities. These applications help to improve work productivity and increase performance.

3What are the essential elements of employee management?

The essential elements in management are employee management, the organization’s values, social responsibility, organizational culture, media, accountability, etc

4What features should the employee management app have?

Some of the essential features of an effective employee management program are internal communication, a daily checklist, employee work planning, time management, including time and attendance tracking, leave and absence management, and an employee self-service portal.

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