Health and safety

Health and safety are vital to your organization, as an employee that feels unsafe will be unproductive, and a safe employee will be happy, productive and efficient.

health and safety software

Inspection and audits

Say goodbye to tedious, complicated and time-consuming inspection processes. Now you can efficiently conduct simple checks in easy steps and record your findings. Our model requires no manual work, automates and speeds up daily inspection, helps comply with the rules and regulations quickly, and allows you to access your records whenever possible. As a result of automation and customization, you can prevent maintenance mistakes, achieve compliance and increase cost savings.


Our software will allow you to tackle one of the biggest fears for any business; unscheduled downtime. We will help you stay on top of all your maintenance tasks and secure efficient operations to significantly decrease the risk of unscheduled downtime. Our valuable insights about the real-time status of your machines and production performance will help you make better decisions. Your data will be automatically translated into intuitive tables and charts, helping to optimize your workflow, lower incident rates, enhance simplification and allow easy onboarding.

Importance of health and safety in project management

If you do not address the inherent risks of your work environment, it can give rise to dangerous situations. Careful project management is needed to ensure every employee’s safety. Although safety measures can certainly help minimize the risk of workplace injuries, sound health and safety strategies in project management are needed to improve the workplace’s health and ensure that safety measures are not rendered ineffective.

The problem is that health and safety are becoming more complex as time passes, requiring organizations to adhere to many paperwork and regulations and implement complicated management systems. Utilizing software focusing on health and safety management makes this task easier to navigate.

Edara system health and safety management software can improve your business by:

  • Consistency: Data collection, formulation and record maintenance should be consistent to achieve internationally accepted health and safety standards. Our software automates the data collection, reducing errors, enhancing consistency and improving accuracy.
  • Efficiency: As all your pertinent information is streamlined, stored and maintained in a central database, your operations become efficient.
  • Compliance: Our software will ensure that your procedures comply with applicable regulations and provide regular updates to your employees in the advent of new rules so that your business always operates within the scope of the law.


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