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Empowering contractors to ensure compliance, run their sites paperlessly, and save on costs.

We’re Edara

Fully built and staffed by construction industry workers, and packed by a thriving contractor community that use Edara’s apps, we’ve grown from a one man safety-officer show in 2015, to an incredible remote team stretched across Australia and NZ today.

Edara’s Backstory

Born out of frustration with running sites that have a lot of paperwork and offices with multiple apps.


My name is Zain. I started my OHS officer career aged 20, with Leighton Mining, and then after building the Edara software with construction workers, I released it in 2015. Alliance Network Infrastructure was Edara’s first paying client.


However efficient and time-saving software and apps can be, as a safety officer employed by a small but reputable contractor, I had to constantly jump between apps, duplicate data between apps, pay multiple subscriptions and then use even more apps to “connect” them all together – I was sunk in a productivity maze in the office, which pulled me back from being on site with the workers, helping in keeping them work safely.


That’s when I decided to build Edara with full input from the workers on our construction sites in Sydney – the most intuitive and deeply customisable platform anyone would ever need to ensure compliance, run sites efficiently, and save costs.




Supercharge Your Business

The Complete Toolkit To Run Your Sites & Offices Paperlessly

Manage your sites and your jobs, fill out digital safety forms, ITP’s and SWMS on your mobiles/tablets, do plant pre-starts with QR codes, communicate and collaborate in real-time, and get compliant- with Edara’s all-in-one central construction software and apps.



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