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Are you struggling with the disjointed combination of application-specific schedulers and tools to manage your production? It is time that you enjoy an agile, adaptable and user-friendly scheduler service today that will dramatically improve your service levels and operations. Edara Systems software helps to digitise and automate any business process, helping you deliver a frictionless experience to your customers.


Digital Timesheet

Traditionally, spreadsheet software or the paper is used to track implied time. Still, digital timesheets automatically chalk in employee clocking data, helping you skyrocket effectiveness, automate team management, avoid burnout and minimise business losses. The fully automatic timesheet requires no manual entry and has no room for human error.


Plant and equipment

Our software helps you avoid the problems associated with inadequate plant and equipment maintenance, be it dissatisfied customers, lost productivity or workplace injuries. Our module easily controls your scheduled maintenance activities, sending you automatic reminder emails or alerts when maintenance is due. Our proactive and responsible module will send follow-ups to ensure task completion.


Edara Academy

We understand that you are pressed for time, so we provide educational, informative and succinate videos about ISO quality management standards. You will better understand the implementation, requirements, benefits and challenges associated with ISO certificates.

Edara Forms

Our application helps you sort through your forms, separating the mandatory documents from the frivolous ones, identifying the ancient forms, maintaining compliance and enhancing productivity.

EdaraSystem application

Are you constantly juggling tasks, people and goals on every project? Inefficient project management systems can become chaotic and disorganised. When you do not utilise an efficient project management app, you waste time, money and effort doing unnecessary work. Our project management application helps you stay organised at work while planning and executing projects, helping you keep track of your team’s work to ensure that projects are progressing as planned.

What is project management software?

Project management software helps managers plan, organise and allocate resources for various tasks, aiding team collaboration. By helping managers keep a finger on the pulse of the project’s progress, they can clearly define tasks and responsibilities, control costs and time, and facilitate smooth collaboration between different stakeholders. Without efficient project management software, timelines, files and tasks become scattered, and priorities are ineffectively communicated. Project management software brings everyone to the same page and helps define priorities.

What makes a good project management software 

A good project management software should include features for billing, project budgeting, reporting, time tracking, team collaboration, project planning and scheduling. As you interact with the software, you should develop a clear understanding of the essential components of your project so that you can make informed decisions. Cost should be prioritised using planning tools to schedule time slots so that you can make room for unplanned activities without manual rescheduling.

A shared team calendar should be used to synchronise all the employees about upcoming milestones. File sharing, team communication, and team dashboards should be provided for effortless and smooth team communication. Adaptability should be available in such software so that every team member can make changes to the system and others can quickly access it whenever needed.

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