Injury management

Our template will help you provide temporary duties in case of an incident, factoring in medical restrictions, physical limitations and abilities.

Injury management

Minimise expenses

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that the total cost of work injuries in 2019-2020 was approximately 161.5 billion. Given this illustration of expenses incurred by injuries, the importance of injury management and safety culture is highlighted as an investment. By implementing safety management, you can enhance cost savings by managing insurance, as more offences or injuries would translate to higher premiums.

Allocate resources

The company is only as strong as its workforce. Therefore, it becomes vital to do everything within your reach or capability to keep your top-performing, highly motivated and loyal employees within your company for as long as possible. Experienced employees understand their worth and are quick to transition careers. When you implement an injury management system that ensures that workers are quickly treated and integrated into the workplace, you can allocate your resources without compromising productivity. Moreover, not only are you enhancing the safety of your workers, but you are also making them feel valued.

Injury management is a set of coordinated activities that facilitate a timely, safe and durable return to work for injured workers.

However, early intervention is essential for both worker recovery and cost-effectiveness. Our injury management software helps you implement proactive interventions by actively managing incidents and maintaining open communication between all stakeholders.

1What is workplace injury management?

Workplace injury management is a set of activities that helps mitigate potential hazards. Our software helps you report, analyse, investigate and track events easily so that all the opportunities for improvement can be explored in a straightforward interface.

Our application is safe, effective and lightweight, so you have comprehensive responder reporting for all your incidents. Our software also contains investigation and corrective actions with a built-in risk matrix, helping you centralise your incident reporting, perform root cause analysis, and conduct an appropriate investigation through self-configurable dashboards.

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