Tender management

Tender management software helps you provide effective solutions for exceptional bid excellence and tender wins.

Tender management

EdaraSystem’s fully customisable and configurable modules cater to your individual bid management needs. Our intuitive tools, powerful workflow automation, and built-in practices are designed to streamline your tender management processes, adding finesse to your response.

What is tender bid management software?

Tender bid management software is the first initiative many businesses take to apply for projects in the private/government sector.

The purpose of such software is to help you navigate the complex bidding process by providing a web-based application accessible to different users at any location. Although most tender bid management software tends to emphasise the details of collecting video information and specifications, it creates a gap in effective communication.

What is tender bid management software?

This is where our software solution differs, as we stabilise the need to communicate with suppliers and staff during the procurement process. Hence, there is no delay in communication and information exchange. Communication is essential because it leads to optimal results.

Everyone within the bidding process should be kept notified about issues raised, significant changes or project updates. Additionally, business owners sometimes require legal advisers; therefore, the need to be continuously plugged into the procedure is optimum.

With EdaraSystems tender bid management software, you can:

  • Understand delicate bit technical requirements.
  • Maintain regular communication during the procurement process.
  • Avoid last-minute costs.
  • Easier and simplified accessibility.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly and inexpensive method to share information.
  • Save time distributing technical specifications.
  • Correspond to each specific bidder with accurate version control.
  • Enhance communication and team working between contracted consultants and staff.
  • Reduce document-seeking calls and share answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Enhance clarity through effective communication.
  • Enjoy good documentation, were updated, relevant, and high-quality documents are accessible to your entire team.

ISO certification

Many contractors require ISO certification to ensure you can deliver on your promises. ISO certification is often asked in the Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). Unfortunately, acquiring ISO certification is a long and tedious task, filled with obstacles.

You must implement a management system by the recommendations stipulated in the chosen standard, conduct internal reviews to identify nonconformances, execute corrective actions to mitigate these nonconformances, and finally undergo an external audit.

ISO certification

You can only clear the external audit if your documentation is up to the mark. Thankfully, Edarasystems has helpful solutions customised just for you. Our module will help you understand the benefits of each specific ISO standard, thereby helping you to choose a measure that will maximise your organisational efforts.

Our templates will allow you to implement a compliant and effective management system that will enable you to clear the audit in one go and enjoy many other benefits. Examples of such uses include efficiency, leaner operation, boosted productivity, enhanced cost savings and reduced waste. 

Some examples of ISO certifications frequently asked in tenders include ISO 9001, which helps enhance the quality of your products/services; ISO 14001, which improves your organisation’s environmental performance; and ISO 45001, which enhances your organisation’s safety. At EdaraSystems, we offer ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 as a bundle, helping you save more and worry less.

Benefits of tender management software system for the bidder

You can avail of numerous benefits from our software. All your previous bids would be stored within our databases, allowing you to utilise them as a reference. Hence, our module will serve as a database of crucial information, helping you keep track of previous submissions and records.

Additionally, this is a one-place platform where you can explore the best practices for bid management and reutilise the strategies for other bids. So, whenever you find yourself digging for relevant information, you must spend less time revising your knowledge base as our attachments provide you with the relevant information.

Benefits of tender management software system for the bidder 

Benefits of tender management software for the buyer

For a buyer, one of the major priorities is information security; we limit access to your information via security authentication. You can choose between fingerprint, pattern, passwords or face recognition. Additionally, you will be provided with a complete audit trail of changes and updates to be aware of the latest revisions.

This reduces the likelihood of poor submissions, helping you sort through serious versus non-serious bidders. As a result of automation and categorisation, you spend lesser time, cost and effort preparing your documents. Our master templates can help you with all types of sourcing activities. So, now you can securely manage your tenders and issue them to your selected bidder hassle-free, stress-free, and error-free.

Critical features of EdaraSystems tender management software

  • Wider communication and collaboration: Our stable communication channels effectively create a more comprehensive team network, making innovation, learning, sharing and talking easier.
  • Greater access to quality content: Now, you can quickly generate structured content directories so your team can easily access improved and updated data.
  • Streamlined activities and workflows: Our module helps to refine and rapidly mobilise projects, so that information requests, responses and approval activities are automated.
  • Easy pipeline management and opportunity exploration: Our user-friendly, the easily configurable and customisable dashboard allows you to intelligently manage your growth opportunities, including resources, sales pipeline and qualification documents.

tender management software

  • Top-tier modules: Now, you have various modules to choose from. Together, our modules will seamlessly provide all-one solutions for smarter bit submission. Examples include opportunities management that helps with qualification tracking and approval, a knowledge bank that helps conduct an easy search on tender documentation, a project workspace that allows an agile project set-up for improved tender evaluation, a collaboration hub that provides deeper communication channels, competitor insights that grants you a competitive edge by analysing tender responses from peers, partner management that helps you proficiently manage your sub-contract relationships, business analytics that enables you to grow with comprehensive reports and governments that enhances compliance, risk management and IP protection.
  • Technical bid requirement: Understanding bid requirements can become complicated as the specifications differ; our software will help you categorise item descriptions so that when specialised help is required, you have a reference to check the technical requirements.
  • Commercial bid quote: Our software will allow you to calculate introductory rates under various applicable regulations, including excise duty and sales tax.

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