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Using our services, you can ensure that there are no training gaps in your organisation, helping you achieve and maintain compliance.

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Online course

Many international standards require employees and supervisors to be constantly updated about the internationally accepted best practices and construction methods. Our courses cater to your needs and provide a variety of online training courses that will enhance your knowledge base and keep you updated with the pulse of your industry. In addition to being user-friendly, comprehensive and interactive, our platform is available 24/7, allowing you to learn as per your schedule.

Customised evaluation based on competence and training

Managers can consider future training and development needs to be based on their educational status and performance in online courses. When companies invest so much time in their training, employees feel valued, boosting employee morale, productivity and job satisfaction.

Our academy assesses your needs to provide customised training programmes to your employees in a timely, efficient, concise and reliable manner, helping you enhance your employees’ knowledge and skill set.

What is Edara Academy?

Edara Systems Academy is an educational software that provides practical, professional and detailed training in one platform. We have a unique payment option where you do not have to pay in advance but after registering your company in the application.

Feel free to contact us to avail the free trial. One of the most prominent features of this software is that it provides detailed and regular reports of your employee progress, helping you monitor the entire process in real time.

The most significant advantage of Edara Academy is that it helps to organise content, provide collaborative access, track employee progress and behaviour, analyse educational costs, reduce managerial workload, and enhance employee engagement and performance. 

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