ICAM Software

Whenever you detect any security incident or potential issue within your computer, system, network or IT environment, our software will help you identify, track, report, mitigate and modify the threats. Our detailed reporting helps you identify what really went wrong and make recommendations, so that the necessary remedial actions can be incorporated to reduce future risks and build error-proof defence mechanism.

ICAM Software

Create a safer work environment

Edara Systems software will provide an accurate snapshot of what is happening within your organisation, helping you reduce financial losses caused by accidents with better forecasting. By proactively resolving hazards before they become costly, our software helps you address risks, enhance safety and boost employee confidence.

Track all types of EHS incidents

Our module allows you to customise by your requirements, where you can choose out-of-the-box responsive forms for your vehicle, environmental, security, property or employee incidence. Alternatively, you can utilise the integrated form designer to create customised forms to suit your unique operating environment. The benefit of customisation is that it leads to better and more sustainable outcomes.

1What is ICAM software?

Incident reporting software is a user-friendly, easy and accurate tool that helps managers take a true snapshot of the processes, capturing, tracking, investigating and managing all near misses, incidents, illnesses, damages or adverse events.

2what are the benefits of ICAM software?

Using our software, you will gain a deeper understanding of the process life-cycle, including initial reports, alerts, responses, investigations and action management. Analysing these reports will help you understand the root causes of recurring problems, prioritise safety process improvements, reduce the likelihood of future incidents and improve workplace safety.

3What is an incident in the workplace?

An incident is defined as any unanticipated, unintended or unplanned event that disrupts normal business operations or/and leads to worker injury or illness or causes damage to equipment. Typically, people think that incidents include hazardous discharges from a chemical plant or accidents in construction projects. However, inappropriate workplace behaviour can also be an example of a workplace incident.

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