Inspection and audits

Our inspection management software will streamline all your tasks related to assessing, recording, scheduling, tracking documents, creating practical checklists and allowing continuous equipment upkeep without sacrificing time.

Inspection and audits

A fully-automated audit process

A lot of manual work is needed to maintain your documents. However, our fully-automatic audit process and inspections make scanning your desktops, tablets, and mobile phones easier, helping you collect your electronic data. As manual work is reduced, you will face lesser errors, reduced mistakes and lesser inefficiencies.

Audit reporting and analytics

Our comprehensive and intuitive reports will help any business make improvements, provide credibility, prevent fraud and is helpful for planning and budgeting. We present the data in easily assimilated bites, so you do not have to waste time reading pages and pages of text. Instead, you understand what you need to do by looking at charts, tables and diagrams.

You cannot just hire “the right people” and expect quality control to be implemented in your organisation. To achieve high levels of quality control, you need to conduct continuous assessments, track ongoing results and introspect on inspection findings.

Unfortunately, inspection management requires a massive amount of time, effort and resources. Up-keeping and organising assets, implementing preventive maintenance interventions and conducting safety training amongst your staff are critical to running a successful enterprise.

An excellent method of preventing any issues from compromising the quality of your products or services and maintaining the safety of your workplace is to choose software that helps you deal with your assets and your people.

How can EdaraSystem’s inspection and audit software helps us

Our software will allow you to conduct in-depth preventive maintenance so that you are constantly updated with the needs of your equipment, assets and people. We will help you with the following:

  • Customise your performance: As our software easily integrates with existing IT frameworks, we can customise modules, dashboards, APIs and reports. Customisation is essential for optimal productivity.
  • Prevent expensive mistakes: As our software is packed with incredible tools that proactively identify potential risks, we ensure that accurate, high-quality and appropriate data is delivered to you. This increases the proactiveness and potency of your inspections and maintenance efforts, helping you achieve regulatory compliance and preventing costly mistakes.
  • Automation: By utilising our software, you can be assured that nothing in your operations will be slow or outdated, and you will be at par with the internationally-recognised standards.

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