Financial management

Financial management is essential to every organisation’sorganisation’s success as it helps to determine the allocation and distribution of funds, make critical financial decisions, enhance profitability,

Financial management


A financial contract is a form of an independently arranged agreement where two parties agree to sell, swap, buy, lend or re-purchase an entity, typically entering into a financial relationship. However, the real purpose of a firm is to ensure that both parties come to a mutually beneficial agreement and that the product/service is exchanged at an agreed-upon price. Our templates help you protect your business by outlining expectations for both players, protecting those expectations and locking in the price that needs to be paid. It also provides space for amendments, change orders and details of projects, helping you compile all information in one system.

Financial risk

Financial risk is a broad topic, especially on complicated projects such as construction work. It can include various problems such as underfunded, under-bid, contractor default problems, misappropriation of project funds, failure and more. To drastically reduce these issues, a Construction Finance Manager (CFM) can help you mitigate these risks. CFM differs from other financial experts, as their specialisation focuses on leveraging maximum profits from construction work, bombarded with operations and volatility.

accelerate the company’s value and maintain the business’s financial stability. It is the core of every organisation; without it, organisations can cripple. Our app allows you to streamline financial and accounting operations, automate routine tasks and processes, and access real-time financial and non-financial data to help managers promptly make data-driven, informed, and accurate decisions. The agility of our software makes errors and omissions a thing of the past, creates greater visibility and insight into the operations, improves operational efficiency that bolsters staff productivity and simplifies invoicing.

What is financial management?

Financial management is the diligent focus of the financial expert in the usage, allocation and distribution of economic resources across an organisation to achieve business goals. These resources include cash, stocks and management of assets such as equipment and machinery.

What is financial management

Many classifications are used to categorise the major areas of financial management, and a famous sort requires analysts to divide their practice the capital structure management and working capital management.

Capital structure management

The capital structure comprises the total equity and the total depth of a company, making up funds available for a company’s disposal. Maintaining a ratio between debt and equity is essential for financial stability, and the more dept you leverage, the higher risk you face. Proper capital structure management is necessary for consistency, timelessness and sustainability in financial endeavours.

Working capital management

Working capital is the number of funds required to keep the business operational, smooth and functional. Without adequate working capital, your operation will be plagued with obstacles. Daily, organisations must incur many expenses, including capital instruction expenditure, construction project warrants, wages of labourers, fuel, repairs, et cetera.

By understanding the principles of working capital management, you can enhance your profitability. The lack of maintenance of the right level of working capital is one of the main reasons for failure in various projects. Capital management is vast, but only some prominent tools and techniques can be utilised to help understand its ebbs and flow.


Forecasting cash flow is one of the primary methods utilised in working capital management, and it helps to predict the cash flows from both outflow and inflow sources, helping to dictate what will transpire in the future. Many factors can determine the working capital requirements in construction projects, including: 

  • Nature of the construction project.
  • Size of the construction project.
  • Price actuations credit policy.
  • Fluctuations in seasons.
  • The specific processes and procedures employed by the construction company.
  • Financial analysis.
  • The specialisation of CFM.

Contact us to understand how these factors can help you create more cost savings and enhance the efficiency of your operations.

Financial reporting

Let us talk about financial reporting. Financial reporting is the process of communicating an organisation’sorganisation’s financial information to its stakeholders and can include various statements such as the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, etc. The problem with financial reporting is that it is tedious, time-consuming and confusing. Since it is a mandatory obligation, organisations have no choice but to maintain it according to the applicable regulations.

Edara software provides an easy solution to this problem. If you are unable to hire a financial expert to help you with these statements, our ready-made templates will be able to guide you in this endeavour. Our templates are user-friendly, uncomplicated, customisable and easily configurable.

Our templates focus on different areas of financial reporting, such as trend analysis, helping you understand how your industry flows. Understanding upcoming trends can prove financially lucrative as you now have a hand on the pulse of your customers.

Financial reporting

Our templates and applications also help you gain insight into your company’s liquidity, profitability and operational efficiency through our ratio-analysis formats. Since ratio analysis is the cornerstone of understanding equity analysis, you cannot take chances with this section.

Refer to our app, where you can read articles about how trend and ratio analysis can help you identify the company company’s performance. 

By understanding how to do financial reporting, you can appropriately allocate capital budgeting methods. Capital budgeting is essential, especially in expensive industries like the construction industry, as it is the total investment or expenditure of the project.

Understanding capital budgeting allows you to allocate funds for assets that need to be purchased upfront and plan for the future. Although many capital budgeting methods are available, most are ubiquitous.

We are here to help you navigate the confusing world of capital budgeting; our app has created different modules to suit your unique needs. Now, you can click through our application and select the module you believe will do you the most. You have many options, such as: 

Net present value analysis: Our module will now help you understand the current value of future cash flows by keeping a log of account balance, conducting in-depth trend analysis of your industry and providing financial experts.

Avoidance analysis: Our module will help you determine the life cycle of your equipment and machinery, identifying ways to increase its maintenance and reduce capital investment.

Break-even analysis: Our module will suggest strategies to utilise to recover investment to the point where profits and losses are zero.

Why should you use our software?

At EdaraSystems, we understand that as business owners, you need to pay special attention to your financial situations to prevent failure of funds, continue production, pay yourself and handle your marketing expenses.

financial management software

Unfortunately, many of you do not have the expertise in a financial background; however, to become a successful entrepreneur, you can utilise our well-crafted financial management software to guide your financial decisions and processes.

Utilising our help will ultimately allow you to best understand your financial position and make the best possible informed decisions for your company’s future.

Key features of our financial management software

  • Cloud-based technology: Seamless financial management requires cloud-based platforms that allow for collaboration across different departments, making it easier for individuals to access information and deploy software wherever needed. Seamless integration and teamwork ensure that everyone has access to the same data simultaneously, which prevents misunderstandings or mistakes.
  • Workflow automation: You should utilise financial management software that can carry out most of your accounting processes without requiring manual entry. Automating accounting processes saves time and effort by reducing the number of repetitive tasks. We provide the option of customisation in your automated workflows, allowing you to automate your strategies as per your rules, thereby reducing the likelihood of mistakes.
  • Ledger consolidation: If your organisation contains several branches, franchisees, and on-site locations, then it is essential to choose a platform that will allow you to manage your finances across all entities easily. Consolidating leisures across multiple entities should be hassle-free, stress-free and uncomplicated. Our services can aid you in simplifying these complexities.

financial management

  • Real-time data: We understand that making business decisions can be challenging, but by providing you access to real-time data, we make your decisions easier. Now you can be confident that your choices are based on the most accurate and updated information available; our help will make it simpler irrespective of the situation.
  • Hassle-free auditing: The most significant function of an effective financial management system software is to provide you with a complete audit trail containing every single transaction of your company’s processes. Not only should it include the original transactions, but it should also highlight the workflow and approvals. As a result, our software will provide you with an excellent method to ensure that you follow various guidelines, remain compliant, and have complete knowledge of your processes.

Benefits of using our software

Our aim has always been to empower small businesses by:

  • Reducing errors: We will substantially reduce mistakes by automating parts of your finance process.
  • Ability to measure growth: Our built-in analytics and reporting systems will allow financial professionals to measure your growth.
  • Improved compliance: Our complete auditing trail will allow you to adhere to different accounting standards. The flexibility and efficiency of our software will enable your business to manage your financial dealings without inhibiting your growth.
  • Data and financial transparency: Our financial management tools will help you understand how your department works together and how their interaction impacts your financial health. Our clear-cut tools will eliminate the guesswork and give your financial leaders precise data to improve the clarity about business operations, reduce economic complexity and take informed decisions.
  • Improved productivity: Our business accounting software makes daily routines faster, as fewer manual entries are needed, reducing mistakes, informing decisions and improving efficiency.
  • Improved planning: Our financial analysis tools help business owners assess scenarios, forecast trends and analyse market data to make informed planning and decisions about their business growth.

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