Construction safety management

Are you a business owner trying to manage the endless expectations of your stakeholders? Or are you a general contractor trying to improve the safety of your construction project? If you are involved in construction projects, you will understand how you are exposed to risks daily.

Construction safety management

Your focus on efficiency can push safety to a backseat. Our software will allow you to monitor your field team’s performance metrics so that you can keep your safety program on top across your organisation.
Our easily configurable software app will enable you to view safety reports across different devices, including your computer, laptop or iPad.

You may wonder why you should invest in construction management software or if investing in such software is necessary.

According to a study by Marketwatch, a global enterprise that researches worldwide market trends, it was found that construction management software is estimated at 1 Billion by 2023.

This estimate is expected to hit 1650 million by the end of the year 2025. This statement implies that more and more people are investing in constructing safety management software as the market is becoming more challenging, and the software’s specifications or predictions are helping enhance these organisations’ efficiency.

To understand how our system software will benefit you, you need to understand what construction management software is, the features of construction management software, its benefits, and potential issues.

What is construction management software?

Construction management software is an integrated, multifunctional and comprehensive software with many integrated management characteristics, such as cost management, client management, stock management, schedule management, project management, and market forecasting, so that construction organisations can effectively evaluate threats and opportunities. 

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How to select the right construction management software?

To understand the characteristics of an effective Construction Management Software (CMS), you need to categorise yourself and identify your user type. Construction management software is generally utilised by:

General contractors: CMS helps general contractors by identifying project cost control, achieving good documentation and creating effective planning.

Building owners: CMS is useful for building owners as it helps maintain project implementation portfolio, allowing them to track expenses, timeline and efficiency. Utilising CMS helps to find the best solutions for all stakeholders so that transparency can be imposed.

Construction manager: CMS is useful for construction managers as it includes features for financial monitoring, costing and planning that will help the construction manager understand what is going on in their project.

Subcontractors: CMS is helpful for subcontractors as it helps prepare and optimise efficiency, minimises liabilities and maintains record keeping.

How to select the right construction management software?

Web user: CMS is helpful for those business owners and stakeholders that solely rely on their mobile devices to track their project updates. Web-based applications enable contractors, stakeholders and business owners to adjust ideas, alter designs, effectively store data, plan for financial endeavours, maintain accounting and conduct inspections.

You can select specific features of construction management software based on the type of user you are. Some examples of features include:

  • Costing: CMS must help you decide uniform prices for the different types of services in your company, including determining the cost of contractor, supervisor, manager and workers.
  • Service management: CMS must help you handle and assign tasks, allocate resources, build plans and schedule employment efficiently and effectively.
  • Accounting: A CMS software must allow for the careful evaluation of operating expenses and the cost of a construction project, helping stakeholders understand how payments flow within their project. Incorporating accounting software will improve efficiency, and CMS must automate functions such as the entry of work orders, accounts payable, the amount received and payroll.
  • Alerts: CMS must send updates about the project’s recent developments to the CEO, customers, administrators, sub-contractors and other employees.

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Critical elements of Edara solutions construction safety management software

There are many construction safety software available today; however, you need to choose software that caters to your unique needs. Our software is distinct as it was made keeping you in mind. Some of the unique features of our software include the following:

  •  Configurable construction safety software: Customise the platform to the requirements of your construction safety program and improve safety, increase productivity, and enhance compliance with an all-in-one system specifically designed to instil safety control and engage your employees. Customisation allows you to maximise your efforts and achieve your organisational goals while simultaneously enabling you to meet regulatory compliance.
  • Automated incident reporting and management: Now, you can report your incidents anytime and anywhere. Our module has specific features to report incidents or even write observations about unsafe working conditions as they occur in real time. We understand that sometimes it is not big things that affect your productivity, but the small ones. That is why we have made specific considerations so that your team can submit near-misses, job safety analyses, and incident reports as they unfold in real-time. This real-time data will provide valuable insight into potential issues before we can escalate and develop into serious accidents. 
  • Anytime, anywhere reporting: Reports are only valuable until they are relevant. As construction projects constantly evolve, the real-time data value is irreplaceable, and data can soon become obsolete. This is why we have specific provisions: you can write your reports and observations irrespective of location or time. Poor internet service or no data coverage will never bother you again. You can submit your forms and inspections offline. Our software will automatically upload them once your connectivity is restored, providing central ingress so everyone can access the updated information. The quick provision of updated information will allow you to assign corrective and preventive actions that track follow-ups. EdaraSystem’s configurable and customisable dashboards provide real-time insight into your critical performance metrics, helping you understand what is driving more significant risks within your organisation. Utilising this data and sharing all the information with your team will help you make data-driven decisions.

construction safety management software

  • Accessible and interactive construction training: You do not have to run from pillar to post looking for appropriate training programmes. EdaraSystem provides construction-specific training courses. Using our module, you can take advantage of the accessible, engaging and interactive programmes to deliver high-quality training to your team in the field through our mobile application. Now, you can track completion rates and quiz scores and identify your employees’ training needs while staying updated with expiration dates. You can personalise the whole learning experience and customise the training programme to fit your business by modifying courses or adding your existing training to our modules.
  • Equipment and asset inspections: EdaraSystem simplifies site inspections and asset management. Our module provides specific log inspection provisions to schedule your equipment for custom, monthly or annual inspections. As a result, you can complete your expectations through our user-friendly, configurable and interactive dashboard right from the comfort of your mobile. After completing your inspections, you can report your findings from the job site in real-time, which automatically gets updated in the central database, allowing everyone accesses to the updated information.
  • Multi-Language support: Our software provides your safety solution in different languages because we want to encourage inclusion and broader participation in your safety programmes. Using our module, you can set your employee’s language preference. You can choose from English, Spanish or any of our hundred-plus languages simply with the click of a button. Our software translates online forms, training courses and other application components to the employees’ preferred language, so there are no interruptions in your workflow.

Benefits of using EdaraSystem construction management software

Benefits of using EdaraSystem construction management software

CMS like EdaraSystem will allow your construction project to manifest multifold profits. The benefits include:

  • Effective document management: The construction industry is document-heavy, and the maintenance of documentation is tedious. Our software will help you retain, maintain and update safety training reports, licenses and certifications.
  • Ensuring excellent safety: We help you incorporate data warnings about assets and equipment, helping you have the same level of knowledge and expertise as your site manager.
  • Better budget management: By allocating the correct tools and devices to the right construction site, we provide you with an entire snapshot on your dashboard, bringing convenience, efficiency and transparency to your smartphone. 
  • Enhanced communication: By providing real-time data, we enhance the coherent outflow of data, helping your employees be better prepared and helping you execute data-driven decisions.
  • Better analytics: By providing data in easily digestible formats, we will help your contractor evaluate the actual progress of your project.
  • Proper resource utilisation: In-depth record keeping and analytics help you allocate resources appropriately for the following functions.
  • Monitoring: Our dedicated tools help you track every stage of your project, providing information that will help you execute your project as per the schedule.


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